Hey πŸ‘‹
my name is Paul, and I'm the writer of webnstuff.net. I'll tell you a bit more about the blog and myself on this page.

About webnstuff.net

I really want to make blogging a hobby for my free time. Since I'm a student with a bunch of exams to write each month, I decided to start with a relatively little blog without a real blogging schedule (so posts might be really irregular). But if you want to come on the ride and enjoy my rants, recommendations, guides, and so on about (mostly web) developing, then come along!

Reading and subscribing is free, I won't spam you (worst case scenario is not getting any emails at all, really) and maybe you'll be able to learn with me.

About me

So, like I said up there, I'm a student. I live in Germany, and I've been around some countries (that's also where I picked up English).

I have a hobby background in Python, web design and development (with HTML/CSS/ and a little JS), and now I'm trying to learn Java and Swift.

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